When did I become a key demographic?

I was thumbing through the pages of the latest issue of Wired Magazine this morning when I came across an ad that made me frown. I didn’t frown because I didn’t like the ad, but because I realized this ad was made for me.

The ad was for a Windows 8 tablet and featured a 30s something professional sitting on an airplane, and displayed the tagline “Honestly, this is my office.”

What was sad is how much I fit the image of the guy in the ad. He is wearing a nicely pressed, plaid dress shirt with the sleeves rolled a quarter of the way up, a full but closely trimmed beard, conservative but stylish glasses and even a RECEDING HAIRLINE!

This is me. The only thing I lack are the glasses, and that’s just because I have great eye sight and no need for them. And to add insult to injury, it’s a Microsoft ad and I work for a MICROSOFT COMPANY! BLEH!

The ad basically screams, “Hey, I’m a professional always on the go, but please don’t mistake me for a lawyer or banker.”

And here I thought I had my own sense of style. Turns out, I’m just another drone. Sigh… When did I become a key demographic?

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