Thoughts about work.

Life is better when there is work to be done, when there are problems to be solved and challenges to overcome. Yesterday I was talking to a family member who mused, “If I could only win the lottery… not the mega jackpot, just a couple hundred thousand bucks… I’d be set!”

It stuck with me, made me consider the idea for myself. If only I could come into a large lump sum of cash! I could pay my house off, invest the rest and use the dividends and interest to sustain my basic needs! I could live the life of a fat lap dog.

But then I considered, is that really happiness? A life free of challenge? A life free of problems? A life free of… work?

Of course there is a need to strike a balance between your job and home life, but this isn’t necessarily the work I am referring to, though my career is definitely important to me as well.

Work as I see it casts a much wider net.  For me, “work” is a metaphor for aspirations.

I aspire to develop some carpentry skills and fix up my old house. I aspire to become a better musician, a better chef, and a better artist. I even aspire to teach my daughter to be better at mathematics.

But to get to these places, to realize my aspirations, I must work.


Thanksgiving Day Work