Thoughts on Entrepreneurship & Coffee

Nearly a day passes since I quit my job about five months ago to pursue the dream of entrepreneurship that I don’t find myself filled with horrible doubt and fear over my decision.

I imagine the fear is similar to the way a tightrope walker must feel the first time he steps foot out onto the rope without the aid of a safety net below to catch him if he falls. You tell yourself that you’ve been doing this for years for someone else and now you’re simply doing it for yourself. You reassure yourself that you have all the skills and more to get the job done. You remind yourself that you’re surrounded by a team even more talented than yourself.

Still the fear persists like a seed having taken root in the pit of your stomach, growing into an invasive vine, always creeping back regardless of how many times you cut it back and chocking out everything it managed to wrap itself around.

What is the nature of the fear?

The nature of my fear is fear of missed potential and fear that I’m not talented enough to be playing in the league I’m trying to play in.

Do I have the social, leadership and strategic skills necessary to make it in the big leagues, or do I in fact belong in a dark back room with all the other computer geeks. I have all the technical aptitude in the world, but do I possess the bravery and ambition to leave the comfort of the cool blue glow of my LCD screen?

Sipping coffee in a café reminds me of my destiny.

Every time I find myself sipping a cup of coffee or a cappuccino in a café, I’m reminded that I’m breaking my mold. I go to coffee shops and cafes to collaborate, have stimulating conversation, meet other entrepreneurs, prospects and clients, and to celebrate victories.

To me, the coffee is a symbol of our startup culture and lifestyle. We’re on the go, we’re energized, we’re not interested in hiding, we’re interested in exploring and living life to its fullest. Success and failure isn’t so much a big deal in these moments. Instead, we find ourselves mindful of our current place in time.

Fear melts away, excitement ensures.

Marietta, GA

Kansas City, MO

Atlanta, GA

Pittsburgh, PA