My buddy Dilshan

This is my buddy Dilshan. Dilshan is a special guy with a bunch of great qualities. He’s hard working, gentle, loving, and probably one of the most honorable men as I have ever known.

But what I appreciate the most about Dilshan is his sense of humor. I am relentless in my hazing, always cracking jokes and making fun, and not once has Dilshan ever lost his cool or threatened to beat me up. Instead, I think he actually likes it…

I think I may consider him one of my closest friends. To celebrate that friendship, I’m posting a few embarrassing pictures of Dilshan pigging out on some really unhealthy foods (and working on that “dad bod” as we like to say).

Cheers Dilshy!

2015-08-11 12.46.32

2015-08-12 20.47.34

2016-01-26 11.56.08