My friend Oskar

This is Oskar. Oskar is a quiet guy, typically sitting off to the side observing the scene unfolding around him.

The thing I love most about Oskar is his propensity to lay down quips that blow minds wide open at opportune moments.  It is not rare that an excited discussion will be going on between the team when out of nowhere, Oskar will quietly speak up and deliver a few sentences of extreme humor, insight, wisdom or even a verbal bitch slap that leaves us all with our jaws hanging open.

Oskar is from Peru and I hope to someday travel there with him, or maybe somewhere else cool in South America. We sit together in a cramped cubicle every day on our current project, not because we don’t have our own cubicles but because I insisted we be cube buddies.

When things get too tense, I like to reach over and give the guy a tickle in his side, or maybe sing a few lines from a Black Eyed Peas song to him. Unfortunately, we will be parting ways after this week, moving on to new projects.

We pair well together, like Nutella and marshmallow cream. I hope we cross paths again someday.

No hay nada, que preguntar… pendejos.


This photo was shot with my handy Moto X!