Remember the Alamo!

Once upon a time I went to San Antonio to work the night shift in a depressing data center where I was part of a team doing a mass email migration for a mega bank.  Ah, those sure were some good times (about as good as getting a root canal).

And while I was there, I decided to go see the Alamo! In my mind, I thought the Alamo would be this amazing fort. The day I decided I must go was rainy and cold, but I knew that braving the terrible weather would be worth it to view such a treasure of American history.

Then I got there…

Yup, that’s the Alamo. I have much better pictures of it, but this one pretty much sums up how underwhelmed I was.


To make matters worse, the entire street directly across from the Alamo is littered with tourist traps.  So, after poking my head in and taking a look around, I left disappointed and enjoyed some puffy tacos. The real reason you should make a point of visiting San Antonio.