The Burning Goat Medium Overdrive

I bought a piece of local art today- the Burning Goat, medium overdrive guitar effects pedal by Greer Amps. It cost me a small fortune, but I’ll keep it for life.

Now you might say, “Meh, I wouldn’t exactly call a guitar effects pedal art” but hear me out.

This little device was hand crafted in Athens, GA by a gnarly dude with a really kick ass beard. On the back of the pedal the serial number and initials of the artisan are scribbled in sharpie marker.

I played around with about five different pedals over at Southern Guitars in downtown Cartersville before settling on this one. Something about it sung to me. It’s nice round, resonating buzz, not too heavy, not to light- just right.

The Burning Goat by Greer Amps

The Burning Goat by Greer Amps

All photos shot with my handy Canon Rebel XSi & Canon EF-S 10-22mm