The Great Impellizzeri’s Monster Creation!

Have you ever seen anything more disgusting or exquisite in your life? To simply refer to this as pizza would be like referring to Metallica as just a rock n roll band. No, this is something different, something more, something dare I say… mutant. This is pizza to the hundredth power!

You can find this beautiful, disgusting, delicious, abhorrent masterpiece/monstrosity at The Great Impellizzeri’s Pizzeria in downtown Louisville, KY. And as you can tell, I have very mixed feelings about this pizza pie.



To me, this pizza is more than just pizza. It’s a little (or actually huge) reminder of what makes America so loved and so hated at the same time. While its ingredients may be viewed as simplistic and unsophisticated, they are undeniably delicious and diverse. While it reeks of gluttony and excess, it bears no shame and is in fact boastful of its undeniable awesomeness. And while some may turn their noses up in distaste of this special pizza pie, no one, and I do mean no one ever passes up a chance to take a bite if extended the invitation.

This pizza weighed 12 pounds, took over an hour to cook and carried a $50 price tag. It fed four hungry consultants and made us all terribly sick. I swear to you, an entire pig’s rear had to be ground up into sausage to fill this pizza.


Eating this pizza was like having sex with a fat girl. If anyone asks, it was disgusting, but secretly you loved it and wish you could have it every weekend.

If you’re ever in Louisville, you have to eat this pizza.

These pictures were shot with my handy Galaxy S3 smartphone.